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          Welcome to UNlCE MULTlLAYER CIRCUlT(SHENZHEN)CO.,LTD. Web!
          National Hotline : 0755-27536484/29450397 CN

          Layer Count[MAX]18 L
          Min. Line Width/Space   0.076/0.076mm
          Min.Drilled Hole Size-Mechanical0.2mm
          Min.Drilled Hole Size-Laser0.1mm
          Max. Copper Thickness6 OZ
          Layer To Layer Registration Tolerance ±0.076mm
          Max.Finished Board Thickness 5.0mm
          Min.Finished Board Thickness 0.4mm
          Min.Core Dielectric Thickness 0.076mm
          Max. Drill Aspect Ratio 10:01
          Press Fit Hole Tolerance ±0.05mm
          Min.Impedance Tolerance ±10%
          HDI Stack Up 1+N+1
          Controlled Depth Drilling Tolerance ±0.15mm
          Max Production Panel Size 24.5"*32"
          Via In PAD YES
          BGA Pitch(with trace) 0.5mm
          Soldermask Registration ±0.038mm
          Min.Solder Dam 0.064mm
          • Tel : 86-0755-23490090  29450397
          • Fax : 86-0755-23193000
          • Contact : 18948786788 Mr.Yu
          • E-mail : sztlpcb@163.com
          • No.33 Langbi Road, Songgang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

          • Web : www.jftzgl.com